Just another manic Monday

A lot of people don’t know what it’s like to be bipolar, formerly known as manic depression. The “mania” or manic episodes usually are extremely heightened feelings of euphoria and the feeling you can do anything on the planet. This sense of “power” is typically short lived and followed by a depressive state.

When manic, I think I am invincible. It’s a great feeling but makes you question decisions in your life. Any decision I make, big or small, usually has a consequence. It also unfortunately prohibits people from taking me seriously sometimes.

Take my “farm” for example. I can’t begin to tell you how many people scoffed at the idea. Even then I second guessed myself. “Am I making the right decision or am I just manic?”

Luckily the animals have helped my life in more ways than I imagined. However, it doesn’t always stop the impending depression that always follows.

The depression that go with it can be unbearable. I try to put it off but it always manifests it’s ways in either anger or anxiety.

Gratefully with the combination of talk therapy & medication, it can be put under control. It’s still a struggle but my support system has always been there. So thank you to my family & friends who have stood by me through it all.

My Washington family